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+Who is Hiring?
+Search and browse job posts from Hacker News 'Who is Hiring?' threads as
+markdown files -offline-.
+'whoishiring.hs' downloads all root item posts on a Hacker News thread as
+markdown files, allowing you to use -existing- filesystem tools to find the job
+of your dreams. It also offers a Tinder-like option for browsing the markdown
+files via the 'decide' subcommand.
+#./whoishiring.hs --help
+Pull and browse Jobs posted on Hacker News
+Usage: whoishiring.hs (pull | decide)
+Available options:
+ -h,--help Show this help text
+Available commands:
+ pull download Hacker News job postings
+ decide browse through Jobs in current directory
+ If stack is installed, it will pull all required dependencies.
+ - [stack](https://docs.haskellstack.org/en/stable/README/)