cypher/librefundA collaborative approach for funding software projects 2 months
cypher/ssb-haskellSecure Scuttlebutt in Haskell 3 months
slackcoder/github-ssh-keySSH Key Management via Github 15 months
slackcoder/muslack64-currentExperiment to make Slackware statically linked 15 months
slackcoder/pkgtools-goAn alernative set of Slackware's package management tools 7 weeks
slackcoder/send-over-httpshare files over HTTP with a QR code3 months
slackcoder/slackbuildsCollection of package build scripts for Slackware 2 months
slackcoder/ command line interface for 11 days
slackcoder/ client for [deprecated] 15 months
slackcoder/whoishiringcli to search jobs on Hackernews 2 months